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Hike Up Your Fishnets; I Know You

If We Live to See the Other Side of This

28 January
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[/ˈɛrɨkə/] The name Erika is Old Norse for "ever powerful" or "ruler of the people." It is also frequently spelled Erica. And Ericka. And, to a lesser extent, Erykka.
(pssttt! *points up* that's me)

I'm not going to bother to list my interests. I'm not one of those jackasses who doesn't think you can define me by what I enjoy doing/seeing/listening to -- I'm just kind of lazy.

I think you'll be able to gather who I am from reading this blog, and I hope you do.

I'm obsessed with everything that pertains to the exciting phenomenon that is human expression. That does, in fact, include incessant screaming.
sokissmewithyourmouthopen, turnthetirestowardthestreetandstaysweet.